About The Artist

Who is Tommy Manning?

Tommy Manning is a Self-taught artist based in Illinois. He grew up being inspired by his grandfather who was also an artist. At 13 he began taking his skills and passion seriously and started practicing and mastering his craft.
He continued developing his style and began posting his work to social media.

In 2020 during the pandemic his following started to grow at a very fast pace. He soon started a business selling his art and doing commission work, the rest is history. Ever since then he has dedicated his life to his artwork and been a full time artist.

His goal is to continue pushing the boundaries of his artwork and inspire other aspiring artists like him. His work is available on his website where he sells prints, canvas prints and many other products of his artwork. He also sells his 1 of 1 original paintings for those who want the most limited and collectible version of his art they can get.

The journey so far!



- Tommmy Manning

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