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Love Is A Drug - Hoodie

Love Is A Drug - Hoodie

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Stay cozy and fashionable with our collection of hoodies, designed by the talented artist Tommy Manning. Each hoodie is a stylish blend of comfort and art, featuring captivating artwork that reflects Tommy's exceptional talent. Crafted with cozy and comfortable materials, these hoodies are perfect for expressing your love for both fashion and art. Wrap yourself in creativity and make a bold statement with Tommy Manning's artistic hoodies.

- 50% Cotton 50% Poly

- Custom tags

- runs slightly small sized (Order 1 size up for oversized fit)

- Multiple colors

About Artist

Tommy Manning is a talented artist known for his impressive skills in drawing and illustration. With a passion for creating detailed and imaginative artwork, Tommy has gained a substantial following on social media, where he regularly shares his stunning pieces with fans. He has a unique style that blends realism with a touch of whimsy, and his illustrations often feature vibrant colors and intricate details. With his impressive range of skills and growing popularity, Tommy Manning is a rising star.


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